The Classifieds That's Not Just A Classifieds. We Believe You Can Sell.

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In less than a few weeks, we’re looking forward to launching Colombo’s funnest one-of-a-kind classifieds in the country.

You won’t believe the heat. (Yes that’s a feature too!)

And no, your headsets are just fine. *smiles!

We believe that you have enough crap at home to sell, or give away for free.

We believe that advertising, is art. It’s not in selling a car, by coupling a woman in the picture.

We believe that change, starts with everyone of us. It starts with you, and me.

We believe that for every ad you post on this site, you make money, and rid your home of trash.

We believe that simplicity is fashion.

We believe that by selling off what we don’t want, we’re preventing more garbage from filling this beautiful country…

We believe that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

We believe that we can make a difference by giving, even a smile for free.



We’re about to launch one of Sri Lanka’s best classifieds websites, and we would love to let you know.